Why is my email posting to the wrong Social Media account?

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When linking social media accounts to your VerticalResponse account for the first time, be sure you’re logged into social media account you intend to connect to. When clicking Link to Facebook or Link to Twitter your browser may attempt to connect to the account your currently logged into.

If this has happened simply follow these steps.
  1. Log out of Facebook and/or Twitter
  2. Go to Account | Social Sharing
  3. Click Unlink Facebook or Unlink Twitter for the social media account you want to unlink
  4. Click the relevant link for the social media account you want to link
  5. You will be prompted to login, be certain to log in to the correct account
  6. Follow the prompts to connect to your VerticalResponse account
Your VerticalResponse account should now be connected to the proper social media account.

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