How do I reset an individual Bounced email address?

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There are a couple of ways to debounce contacts in your account. 
Here are the steps to debounce a contact by doing a search:
- Click Lists in the blue bar at the top of the page in your account and select Mailing Lists.
- In the Search List Members section, located at the right side of the page, enter the bounced    
   email address in the empty field under Search for:
- When the contact information comes up, click on their email address.
- Click the Debounce option located in the upper right.
You can also debounce contacts within a list by going to Mailing Lists:
- Then click on the name of one of your lists.
- You will see the Record Status of each contact in the column on the right.
- You can click on the email address of a Bounced contact.
- Click Debounce in the upper right.

You can also submit a request to to reset bounces for a larger group of email addresses if necessary. We can only do this a total of three times for your account however. If there are ongoing delivery issues related to a particular domain or email address our delivery team can work with you directly.

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