How do I get started with Surveys?

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To access the Survey feature, click the word Surveys on the navigation bar across the top of the screen. If new to Surveys you will see the option to start a survey test drive or to sign up for a survey subscription.
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click Surveys (We recommend watching a short demo on VR Surveys -
  3. Click New Survey to create a new Survey
  4. Name your Survey
  5. Choose from starting with a blank survey or one of our pre-made templates
  6. Choose either Traditional (where you can see your participants contact info) or Blindfold (where contact info isn't collected)
  7. Choose who can participate, only those invited by email or those invited by email and those visiting a link on your website
  8. Select notification and landing page options and click Next
On the next screens you will find options to create (or modify if a starting with a template) your survey questions, support text and to organize the page structure of your Survey. 

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