How do I create a consent Opt-in Form?

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How to create a consent Opt-In Form

1. Click Lists up in the blue toolbar. Then click List Fields

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2. Scroll down to the bottom of your table of list fields

3. Add a new custom field “Consent

4. Then select Small Text

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5. Click Save Changes

6. Confirm you see green notification “List field information saved”

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7. Click Lists up in the blue toolbar again. Then click Opt-in Forms 

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8. Open an existing Opt-in Form or create a new one. You can find more information on creating Opt-in forms here

9. Click Design Your Form

10. Click Add New Field 

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11. Click the dropdown and select Custom.

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12. Then type in “Consent” to the textbox. Make sure it exactly matches the custom list field you added above.

13. Select field type Checkbox from the dropdown.

14. Add a form label with information about what they are consenting to. 

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15. Make sure you DO NOT make the checkbox a required field. This would prevent contacts from denying consent.

16. Click Next

17. Click on the Publish tab

18. Copy the HTML and place on your website. You can see the opt-in form by copying the URL on the first line of code

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19. Now that your form is published, you can distinguish consented contacts by going to your Master List, searching for a contact, and viewing member details.

If Consent = 1, it means the contact consented.
If Consent = 0 or is empty, contact has not consented.
All old contacts will not have a value in this field until they update it.

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